Benjamin JoyeuxJournaliste européen/coordinateur européen de la Jai Jagat 2020

Hi dear Jai Jagat friends, You will find attached the Paris official motion of support to the Jai Jagat campaign, if you want to use this model for your own municipalities. Below is a very quick English translation too. For native English speakers, you must of course review the wording. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Have a great day and Jai Jagat! Paris Council from Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd November 2017 Wish to support the Jai Jagat 2020 march for access to land and social justice by Jerome Gleizes and the elected members of the Ecology Group of Paris (GEP) Considering that a major campaign called Jai Jagat, or "world victory" in Hindi, is currently being launched from India by the Ekta Parishad movement to demand not only access to land and resources for small Indian peasants, but beyond that for another model of international development aimed finally at putting human rights over business law, Considering that a major march between Delhi and Geneva will take place between October 2019 and September 2020, to arrive at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, to conclude with a "People's Assembly" which will hand over to the United Nations and other international organizations present in Geneva a platform of recommendations and a plea in several points, Considering that this great march is organized from India by the Gandhi movement Ekta Parishad, represented in France by the NGO SOL, Considering that Ekta Parishad is a non-violent and Ghandian social movement founded in 1991 and working on issues of access to land and forest at the national level in India, Considering that in 2007 and 2012, two marches also organized by Ekta Parishad gathered 100,000 people each, the largest in India since the campaign led in 1942 by Gandhi in favor of independence, Considering that in view of this success, the movement is now internationally visible and that its objective is to help the dispossessed to gain the means of their daily survival such as access to water, land and water. forest, in India but also everywhere on the planet, Considering that the march will follow in Europe the road taken by the refugees to highlight the problem of exile linked to those of development and climate change, Considering that marches from Paris, Brussels and other cities supporting Jai Jagat will be organized throughout Europe to build a network of local authorities favorable to international solidarity and a new development model, Considering that the city of Geneva as well as the assembly of the canton of Geneva have already almost unanimously adopted an official wish of Jai Jagat support and logistical facilitation when it came to their territory, Considering that this Jai Jagat campaign will take the form of a large itinerant World Social Forum in 2020, to challenge beyond the small Indian peasants the need for new forms of international solidarity to fight poverty and climate change intrinsically linked, Considering that the city of Paris is a world-city confronted with the problematic of both refugees and the explosion of inequalities or climate change, Considering the will of Paris to be an exemplary city both in terms of the fight against climate change and local and international solidarities, and that this requires a change in our development model, Also, at the suggestion of Jérôme Gleizes and the elected members of the Ecologist Group of Paris (GEP), the Paris Council wishes to express the wish that the city of Paris be a full partner of the Jai Jagat campaign by encouraging the welcome and the organization of actions to be organized in Paris and Ile de France in solidarity with the marchers for the peace during the Jai Jagat 2020 -- Benjamin Joyeux Journaliste européen/coordinateur européen de la Jai Jagat 2020 Tél.: 00 33 6 23 36 14 15 Afin de contribuer au respect de l'environnement, merci de n'imprimer ce courriel qu'en cas de nécessité. --

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Advisory Committee: Yves Berthelot (France),  PV Rajagopal (India), Vandana Shiva (India), Oliver de Schutter (Belgium), Mazide N’Diaye (Senegal), Gabriela Monteiro (Brazil), Irakli Kakabadze (Georgia), Anne Pearson (Canada), Liz Theoharis (USA), Sulak Sivaraksa (Thailand), Jagat Basnet (Nepal), Miloon Kothari (India),  Irene Santiago (Philippines), Arsen Kharatyan (Armenia), Margrit Hugentobler (Switzerland), Jill Carr-Harris (Canada/India), Reva Joshee (Canada), Sonia Deotto (Mexico/Italy),Benjamin Joyeux (Geneva/France), Aneesh Thillenkery, Ramesh Sharma, Ran Singh (India)