Summit aims to spread a culture of peace in the Americas

ANAHEIM, USA — On June 4, over 1,200 attendees including leaders of society, religious representatives, youth, and media participated in the “Peace Summit of the Americas” in Anaheim, California, to discuss the way for advancing peace in their cities.

The participants gathered their support for the establishment of peace law based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) suggested by the host organization, HWPL. The DPCW addresses principles of conflict resolution and international cooperation for peacebuilding such as respect on the international law, peaceful dispute settlement, and spreading a culture of peace.

Rosalia Arteaga Serrano, former president of Ecuador, said, “We can see enthusiasm through the recent encounter of the two Koreas and the possibility of reducing the use of weapons of mass destruction that can be lethal for humanity. With the best investment of education, health and employment for young adults, education is the only way to go forward. It is not utopian to think about absence of war.”

“Article 2 of the DPCW says the establishment of the reduction of war potential and conversion of weapons for the benefit of humanity. Currently, approximately $1.8 trillion is spent annually to build or acquire weapons. If we can get nations to commit themselves and comply this article, how many schools could be built to end literacy? How many families can have their own living spaces?” Orli Mesias Haro Carranza, Bishop of the Anglican Church of Ecuador said.

Chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee, also emphasized, “Weapons are made for the purpose of killing people from the time of creation. It is already a sin causes dispute so we should not make them again. And I think the weapons that we already made should be reused as a living tool.”

“All the members of HWPL have sent letters to all parts of the world for support. All schools should educate students about peace, and the current presidents who love the country and the people must sign the DPCW to enact an international law for peace that eradicates war. Also, the religious leaders teach the value of peace to their members so that they can join together in becoming peace messengers,” Lee added.

At this event, HWPL concluded a partnership with the city of Maywood in California and the city of Romita in the state of Guanajuato in Mexico to create a ‘Peaceful Cultural City’ and signed an MOU with GOALS Academy in Anaheim, California to provide a ‘Peace Education Program’.

HWPL meaning Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, is an international peace NGO affiliated with UN ECOSOC and UN DPI. During its peace tour in the Americas including Washington DC, New York, and LA, it participated in the conference titled ‘Intercultural Dialogue for Peace and Development’ held at UN Headquarters to create a foundation of understanding and tolerance.

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Advisory Committee: Yves Berthelot (France),  PV Rajagopal (India), Vandana Shiva (India), Oliver de Schutter (Belgium), Mazide N’Diaye (Senegal), Gabriela Monteiro (Brazil), Irakli Kakabadze (Georgia), Anne Pearson (Canada), Liz Theoharis (USA), Sulak Sivaraksa (Thailand), Jagat Basnet (Nepal), Miloon Kothari (India),  Irene Santiago (Philippines), Arsen Kharatyan (Armenia), Margrit Hugentobler (Switzerland), Jill Carr-Harris (Canada/India), Reva Joshee (Canada), Sonia Deotto (Mexico/Italy),Benjamin Joyeux (Geneva/France), Aneesh Thillenkery, Ramesh Sharma, Ran Singh (India)