From Alternatiba to Jai Jagat 2020, on the road to ecological and solidarity transition

In the face of climate change, the explosion of inequalities and all the impending dangers threatening humanity, we no longer have time to wait for the great people of this world to wake up. It is time to act and move, and to go on the roads, today with Alternatiba, tomorrow with the Jai Jagat 2020:

After its first bike tour of France in 2015 , the year of the COP 21, Alternatiba cyclists were back on the saddle, this Saturday, June 9th from Paris , for a 5800 km route through France and its countries bordering on the meeting of field alternatives in favor of the ecological and solidarity transition.

Three years ago, a few months before the COP 21, Alternatiba organized a first round of France alternatives to show that beyond the States, institutions and big international climatic masses, all over the territories, moreover in addition to people working concretely to fight against climate change. While major climate events will follow one another by the end of 2018 ( Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco in September, next IPCC report in October and COP 24in Poland in December), all the figures on the state of the planet are red and there is no indication that the objectives of the Paris COP can be met. The idea of ​​the Alternatiba tour is therefore to mobilize all citizens at the local level in the territories and to promote all their local alternatives that are set up without waiting more, because there is urgency and more and more people are perfectly aware of it. The time is no longer for denial, nor for the alarming report, but for mobilization.

Alternatiba in Republic (09.06.2018) © Benjamin Joyeux

This Saturday afternoon, around a thousand people had gathered at 1:30 pm Place de la République in Paris to start a musical party, festive and colorful, direction Stalingrad Square. Following the lead truck on which the singer Patrice motivated the troops to music, the activists marched happily through the streets of the capital, calling passersby and saying they were " hotter than the climate ." Arrived in Stalingrad, a big stage was waiting for them with different speeches: the journalist and director Marie-Monique Robin , the academic Geneviève Azam , the activist Txetx Etcheverry , the "mower of chairs" Jon Palais, the president of the Friends of the Earth France Florent Compain or alternatiba spokeswoman Pauline Boyer . All called for "the insurrection of consciences" in the words of the late Stéphane Hessel, a message to relay on the 5800 km turn before the arrival in Bayonne in early October.

Festive parade to Stalingrad (09.06.2018) © Benjamin Joyeux

Alternatiba in Stalingrad (09.06.2018) © Benjamin Joyeux

I was there to represent the association SOL , partner of the mobilization, and to continue to promote Jai Jagat 2020 , the big non-violent global campaign launched from India by the movement Ekta Parishad for a more just and more solidary world. A campaign culminating in a major Delhi-Geneva march between October 2019 and September 2020 to ask the United Nations for concrete implementation of the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development the presence of the representatives of the small landless peasants of India and elsewhere, among the principal concerned. Like the Alternatiba tour, Jai Jagat plans, out of the thousands of kilometers separating the Indian capital from the Swiss city, to meet people who are victims of the harmful effects of the current economic system but who especially want to to move for another global model, more just, more solidarity, more ecological and non-violent, to propose alternatives and start a constructive dialogue with the United Nations and the representatives of the major international institutions. So this year, as part of a first campaign called Jan Andolan("People's movement"), hundreds of thousands of marchers from all over India will converge on Delhi from October 2 to 11, 2018 to demand agrarian reforms for the landless.

Alternatiba, Jai Jagat 2020 ... the same observation, which can be summed up by the words of the poet Hölderlin: " Where the danger is believed also believes what saves him ". There is no longer time to wait behind the screen that the world's great people decide to act urgently against climate change, the loss of biodiversity, the explosion of inequalities, the rise of perils of all kinds that threaten the very survival of humanity. It is now time to take the road to meet the actors of change who, far from the spotlight, are already making the world of tomorrow, more fair, more ecological, more united, less violent and ultimately much more liveable and desirable. Links to build urgent and necessary across the roads of France, India and everywhere else.

Benjamin Happy

European Coordinator Jai Jagat 2020

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