Recently in France, the bill of same-sex marriage was presented to and approved by the French Ministries. When Francois Hollande ran for president in May, he pledged that he would do everything he could to pass the law of same-sex marriage in France. The bill is supposed to be sent to the National Assembly and Senate in January of 2013. From there, the law will be voted on and possibly passed in February. Everywhere people go in the world there are gay and lesbian couples. People in France, about 65%, believe that if this law is passed it will define the equality of France. In this group of people who believe in equality is the Inter-LGBT (Inter- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender). They are a group of people who advocate the equality of gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. Though there are a lot of people who want this bill to be passed, there are also a good amount of people who don't want it to be passed; for example, religious groups. Inter-LGBT The group Inter-LGBT is a group is a major group in France that deals with lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. They are very into the bill that could possibly get passed because they are the people the bill is being passed for. Inter-LGBT is diligently following this bills status, and they are preparing for what they will all do if the law is passed.

This photo was taken in Paris, France this past October. It is an illustration of how serious people are about their sexuality in France. These women stood in front of the others and kissed. The group of women who are so rudely staring behind them are a group called Alliance VITA. They are an association that is very against the idea of gay-marriage. The Alliance VITA is actually rioting outside the Elysee Palace after they heard about the law being brought up by Hollande.


The European Debt Crisis is a way of saying that the European Union has failed to pay off their debts. The euro crisis in France has been an on-going issue. It was a problem when Nicolas Sarkozy was president, and it is still a problem even with the newest president Francois Hollande. The euro crisis was sprung upon Hollande in May when he became president. It was going on when he was elected and is still going on now. However, it is not as bad as it was then. France today has a pretty stable economy with an increased GDP of 2.773 trillion USD. Hollande has really transformed France because this euro crisis is slowly decreasing. Hollande pledged that he would do whatever he could to solve the euro crisis. Hollande is giving EU members a better chance for investment growth. Once they have the investment growth, they can start saving up money and start solving the euro crisis once and for all! The Presidential Department in Government The government is the most active group that is trying to solve the euro crisis. Francois Hollande is doing everything he can, as the president of France, to make sure France doesn't go deeper into debt. Hollande is trying to make sure the EU has enough money so they get invest growth. He believes that if the EU has invest growth, they will help with this euro crisis. This is because if there is invest growth, it is an opportunity to start saving up as a country to pay back the debt. Since Hollande was sworn into France when this was going on, he should not be held responsible at all! Some people believe that he isn't doing anything for the country, but statistics show that France's economy has stabilized since the election of Francois Hollande.

An illustration of the Euro Crisis cracking the floor of France.


In every country there are poor suburbs. In France, there is a place called the Clichy. The Clichy has one of the highest unemployment rates of 40% in France and is mostly populated with immigrants. The people of this area feel that they are being hidden and that nobody cares about them or what they do. The Clichy is still in France today. The people in the Clichy live like they are in a different country in a way. By that I mean, they feel neglected. They have their own markets and no one other than them go into their suburbs. The Clichy feel like they are being judged all the time no matter what. They are judged by their name, skin color, and appearance. Not only are the Clichy very poor, but they also are judged because of how they look. It's not fair to them because they don't have as many rights as other people; for example, voting. The Presidential Department of Government During the time this article was written, the immigrants really had no help from anyone except themselves. Nicolas Sarkozy, the president at the time who was very conservative, didn't really care about the immigrants. He gave 350bn euro to the suburb to get the housing back in tact, but he never did anything about the unemployment and discrimination. People say that Francois Hollande is a lot like Barack Obama. This is important because Obama believes that all people should be equal. Hollande is going to do something about this issue of Clichy because he actually cares about all people.

This is a picture of the Clichy as described above. You can see in the picture that it is a very worn-down area in which the immigrants and poor people live in.


About 20,000 people in France are believed to be working in prostitution. Prostitution in France is mainly due to sex trafficking, but in some instances in France, women use prostitution as their profession. The people of France along with the government want to stop prostitution. The government is trying to pass a law stating that if anyone is caught in prostitution or trafficking, they are to be imprisoned and fined 3,000 euros. Although there are laws that currently exist for prostitution but these laws are broken on a daily basis. Women who are into the prostitution are enraged because they think of it as their job. It is is the way they make money to support themselves. They feel that even though it is sex work, it is still work. Y-PEER Y-PEER which stands for Youth Peer Education Network is a group of youth people around the world that help other youth people become informed about issues related to sexual and reproductive health and rights. This group exists in the UN and was advocating the idea of prostitution. They believe, like the women, that prostitution is a choice and if they are willing to sell their bodies to pay the bills then so be it.

his is a photo of the women in France. Though they are still using prostitution as their gateway to money, they have to do it in a discrete way because of the new consequences. They wear regular clothes apposed to "prostitution wear" and wear masks so their faces cannot be identified.


Immigration makes up a good part of the population in France. During the ruling of Nicolas Sarkozy, had no rights; they weren't allowed to vote. Now that Hollande is the president, he has given the immigrants rights such as voting. However, he wants to half the amount of immigrants living in his country. Hollande is letting the immigrants stay because he not only wants more votes, but it also makes him look good because he is accepting the immigrants into the country. Sarkozy believes that Hollande is ruining France by letting the immigrants live in the country. Currently, immigrants have the right to vote, but they are limited in almost everything else. Along with that, the immigrants are slowly being driven out of the country by Hollande. He is following through with all of his commitments regarding immigration. Such as, giving them the right to vote and halving their population. The Presidential Department in Government Essentially the person who is trying to help the immigrants is France's own Francois Hollande. Some people might argue that he isn't fully committed to the immigrants because he wants to reduce the amount of immigrants by half. However, Hollande has already given more rights to the immigrants than Sarkozy ever did. Hollande states in one of his campaigns that he doesn't think France will ever be "immigrant-free". That shows that Hollande has come to the fact that France will always have immigrants, and he seems to be okay with that. Sarkozy would have never been content with that. Another group is the immigrants themselves. They migrate all around the world looking for a place to live and they are continually getting kicked out of countries. They are fighting for a place to live in.

The photo to the left illustrates how the immigrants in France are treated. In this picture you can see a police officer and six immigrants lined up against the wall.

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